Coming in 2019 - Encounters

About ten years ago I started on a journey from someone who spent his every spare hour in front of a screen, to someone who spends it out of doors, having encounters some of Britain’s best-loved wildlife. I’ve been six inches from a badger, and sat down in the middle of a herd of wild roe deer. I’ve had puffins walk over my feet, had a bird fly seven thousand miles just to smack me in the head in the middle of the night, and watched as a man unzipped his flies in front of me (It’s not as bad as it sounds). If you want to know more about these stories, I have a book you can read.

Told with gentle humour and laced with interesting information, “Encounters – a journey to find and photograph some of Britain’s best-loved wildlife” is the tale of how I found and got up close and personal with some of our iconic wildlife. I have no training or qualifications in wildlife or conservation, and I’m not exactly well-equipped for yomping through the countryside, yet I’ve still managed to have some truly magical experiences. If I can do it, you can too.

encounters book cover

Tray 01

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